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About Us

The Hong Kong Slo-Pitch Softball Association (HKSPSA)

In 2019-20, the Hong Kong Slo-Pitch Softball Association is proudly celebrating it's 37th season. Founded in 1983, the league has manifested into one of the premier associations in the territory. Based on the values of competitiveness and athleticism, the league has always attracted a broad group of active professionals. In its years of existence, the HKSPSA has had thousands of participating athletes and expects to experience continued growth in the future.

The 2019-2020 season is an exciting time for the HKSPSA. Building on a string of the most successful seasons in league history, the overall competitiveness of the league was witnessed in both inter-league and regional tournament play.

The league enjoys the pleasure of playing at one of the best locations in Asia at the King's Park Sports Ground in Kowloon . The facilities provide a perfect environment for the games as well as for fans and family. The league games are held every Saturday, where up to eight games per day are played (amongst eight teams) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The season begins in September and ends the following April. A total of 28 regular season games are played, culminating in five weeks of playoffs to crown the league champion, winner of the Bollenger Cup.

In addition to the league games that are played at King's Park, the league regularly participates in regional tournaments throughout the season. Hong Kong sends teams that play in Singapore, Saigon, Pattaya, Bangkok, Taipei, Clark (Philippines), and Jakarta. We also host a yearly one-day tournament in October known as the Chad Boyd Tournament, named for a late league legend.

If you'd like to come join us or for more information please send us an email at: