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Directions to the field

By MTR:  Take red (Tsuen Wan) line to Jordan station and go out exit B2.  Walk straight down Jordan Rd. and go under the freeway overpass.  After crossing the street under the freeway, hang a right and walk past the Indian Club, continuing down the sidewalk until you come to Wylie Rd.  Cross Wylie Rd. and turn left, walking paralell to the hockey ground and then take the first right on Wylie Path.  Walk up Wylie Path and it will curve to the left and when it begins to curve right again, you should go in the entrance to the HKRFU (Hong Kong Rugby Football Union). 


By Taxi:  Tell the taxi driver to take you to Kings Park on Wylie Path in Jordan.  If your driver doesn't speak English, however, you might need to tell him: joe-dun, gings-E-park, why-LAY-ging.  And when truly in doubt, you can always just call a friend who knows!