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Chad Boyd Tournament

Chad Boyd Tournament '16 Trailer

Game Schedule 2013

Time Team #1 Team #2
9:15am Gas House Hogs
10:30am DFIU Turkeys
11:30am DFIU Gas House
12:30pm Turkeys Hogs
1:30pm Hogs DFIU
2:30pm Gas House Turkeys
3:30pm Semi #1 Semi #4
4:45pm Semi #2 Semi #3
6:00pm Semi Winner #1 Semi Winner #2
7:30 Award Ceremony

4th Annual Chad Boyd Tournament

October 12th, 2013, Kings Park

Softball serves a lot of purposes for those of us out here in Hong Kong. It’s an escape for many, it’s a thinly veiled excuse for exercise for some, and it’s a way to spend some time with friends enjoying a few cold ones for many, but more than anything it’s a community out here. One of the pinnacles of this community is the annual Chad Boyd tournament. Chad Boyd was the embodiment of our league whom we lost too early in his life. This tourney is one of many ways for our little group to comes together and commemorate, celebrate, and remember one of our own. The tournament will take place this Saturday, October 12th, out at King’s Park.

There will be kegs and barbecue out there (HK$200 gets you all you can drink) so even those who would prefer to just hang out are more than welcome. Games will start first thing (9:15AM) so plan on being out there ASAP.

All are invited to play in this four team round robin tournament. Anyone interested in joining who needs a team, please contact Ken Clark ( .